100 Yoga Poses By Jared Six #6 (Heaps Of New Yoga Poses)

I carry out 100 yoga poses on this video and I additionally present the names of all 100 of them.

Beneath is an inventory of the 100 yoga poses on this video…

1. Unicorn Mermaid Infinity Pose
2. Flying Locust Pose
three. Cow Face Toe Stand Pose
four. Headstand On One Finger With One Hand Behind My Again
5. Serving to Fingers Fingers To Toes Stretch
6. Flying Spaghetti Monster Toe Stand
7. Deja Vu Pose
eight. Child Cradle Headstand On 2 Fingers
9. Padottanasana D
10. Huge Lunge / Little Lunge
11. Yin & Yang Knee Stretches
12. Abracadabrasana
13. Dolphin Pose
14. Dolphin In The Bermuda Triangle Pose
15. Tremendous Star Pose
16. Headstand On One Thumb With One Hand In Mudra Behind My Again
17. Upside Down Formidable Face Pose
18. Proper Forearm Is Flawed & Left Forearm Is Proper Plank
19. Nail Headstand
20. A Snake That Swallowed The Quantity 5 Pose
21. Owl In A Tree Pose
22. Double Bother 4 Horned Ram Cranium
23. A-Maze-Ing Again Bend
24. Toe Rise / Toe Stand Pose
25. Crooked Arms & Crooked Legs Pose
26. Yin Yang Headstand / Dnatsdaeh Gnay Niy
27. Hammerhead Shark Pose
28. Firenato Toe Stand
29. 2 Finger X Headstand
30. Sacrifical Lamb Pose
31. “Satan Horns” Headstand
32. Darth Lotus Pose
33. New Tree Rising Out Of Useless Tree Stump Tree Pose
34. A Feminine Praying Mantis Consuming A Male Praying Mantis’s Head Prayer Pose
35. Lion Pose
36. Chain Plank
37. Ear Stress Pose With Huge Toe To Huge Toe
38. Yogic Model
39. Desk Pose
40. Desk Pose (Flipped Over By Jesus)
41. Fruit Tree Pose
42. Dancer Toe Stand
43. Revolving Hand To Huge Toe Standing Toe Stand
44. Revolving Birds Of Paradise Standing Toe Stand
45. Superb Grace Toe Stand
46. Hand To Huge Toe Splits
47. Each Fingers To Huge Toes Splits
48. Pyramid Splits
49. Twisting Splits
50. Fork Splits
51. Zig Zag Splits
52. Chopsticks Splits
53. Fingers Free Headstand Pyramid Splits
54. Half Moon Pose
55. Over Fingers To The Flooring In Entrance Of Toes Stretech
56. Over Fingers To The Flooring Behind The Toes Stretch
57. Over Fingers Below Toes Stretch
58. Over Entrance Splits
59. Over Center Splits
60. “Stiff As A Board” Corpse Pose
61. Geometric Toe Stand
62. E = mc2 Pose
63. Wormhole Pose
64. Ballerina Orchid Pose
65. A Seed Drilling Itself Into The Floor Pose
66. Double Arrow Bow Pulling Pose
67. Sure Grasshopper Pose
68. Corpse Pose In Rapture
69. Shoestrings Fingers Free Headstand
70. Toe Stand
71. Double Lotus Stroll
72. The Emperor’s New Excessive Heel Sneakers Toe Stand
73. Toe Stand On Toe Stand Pose
74. Head To The Again Of The Knee Intense Stretch
75. Twister Toe Stand
76. Raining Glass Sideways On The Planet HD 189733b
77. Wheel Pose On Fingers And Toes With Legs Crossed
78. Half Moon / Half Moon (Full Moon)
79. Ballerina Wheel Pose
80. Twisting Sure Lotus On One Elbow And One Knee
81. One Legged Peacock Feather Pose
82. Lotus Wheel Pose On Fingertips
83. Two Legged Canine Pose With Hand To Toes Stretch
84. Half Sure Lotus Camel Pose
85. Half Sure Lotus Birds Of Paradise Sundial Pose
86. Revolving And Recovering Yogi Employees Pose
87. Half Sure Lotus Facet Plank
88. Toe Stand With Reverse Prayer And One Leg Prolonged
89. Warrior Pose three 2
90. First Yogi On The Moon Pose
91. Twister Handstand
92. Capital “W” & lowercase “w” Headstand
93. Vortex Headstand
94. Bat Embryo In The Womb Whereas Mom Sleeps
95. Pacman Ghost Again Bend
96. Stick Insect Plank
97. Dolphin In The Bermuda Rectangle Headstand
98. Headstand With Each Fingers Behind My Again
99. Legs Up The Wall Pose
100. Legs Down The Wall Pose

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