Portals of Liberation with Akasha Sananda

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Portals of Liberation
How To entry the PORTALS OF LIBERATION (POL) and grow to be ONE with common SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS. That is the important thing to unlock your DIVINE POTENTIAL and to maneuver out of the KARMIC REINCARNATION CYCLE!
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About Akasha Sananda
Akasha Sananda is a non secular luminary and has totally devoted his life to the service of humanities self-realisation of Avatar Consciousness. His mission is to humbly serve and help the evolution of humankind to grow to be totally actualized as selfless, sovereign beings.
Often known as an Alchemist, Akasha has learnt the Historical inside Alchemy of Religious Liberation beneath the mentorship of the Himalayan Grasp, Babaji Nagaraj. Since this time Akasha has continued to be in reference to Babaji and numerous Himalayan Rishis. These Himalayan Masters are extremely advanced immortal beings, who’ve transcended the basic nature of gross matter and are the pure embodiment of supply consciousness. Excessive initiation from the Rishis led Akasha around the globe to be taught many sacred traditions and timeless knowledge whereas uncovering hidden mysteries of this historic pathway.
It’s only lately that Akasha Sananda has been given dispensation to share the immortal knowledge of the Rishis. He serves this goal via his life instance, stay packages, transmissions, activations and superior non secular mentoring. Throughout transcendental states of meditation, he receives multidimensional geometries which maintain holographically imprinted data utilising the language of the Universe. This being sound, vibration and lightweight.
Within the union of those multidimensional geometries and common language, these residing intelligence’s (codes) are used for highly effective and holistic clearings and activations. All of this being for the aim of transcending the constraints of human consciousness and to help the whole embodiment of Unity, Sovereignty and Unconditional Love.